Prioritize visible content

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The prioritizing visible content refers to the optimization of HTML code to render the above-the-fold content as quick as possible.


A 'Fold' is considered as the bottom of the screen during the initial loading a web page. The 'above-the-fold' (ATF) content refers to the content a website visitor sees first without scrolling. Historically, the term 'above-the-fold' was used for newspapers to denote the printed content on the upper half of the front page. Below the fold refers to the content that must be scrolled down after loading a web page for viewing it. A good 'above the fold' (ATF) content is intriguing and purposeful at the same time. A good ATF has the potential for achieving a lasting impression among the visitors, and is one of the key facets of effective online marketing. The ATF content can be prioritized in the HTML response to get rendered first in the client’s browser.